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J.J. has always hated the holidays. Presents, decorations, the traditional family Christmas…It’s all his colleagues in the staffroom can talk about. J.J. avoids these conversations like the plague. He’d do anything to keep his co-workers from seeing the real J.J, the gay man who doesn’t want to be noticed. When he slips up and reveals that he is all alone with no plans forJ.J. has always hated the holidays. Presents, decorations, the traditional family Christmas…It’s all his colleagues in the staffroom can talk about. J.J. avoids these conversations like the plague. He’d do anything to keep his co-workers from seeing the real J.J, the gay man who doesn’t want to be noticed. When he slips up and reveals that he is all alone with no plans for Christmas, the well-meaning ladies of his high school want to take him in for the holidays. Oh hell….Enter Coach Adam Sutton who comes to his rescue—and now J.J. is trapped by this hulk of a man who won’t take no for an answer. And he would have to be someone J.J finds attractive, wouldn’t he? Too bad he’s straight and J.J’s not about to step out of the shadows and make a move on him. He likes his arms where they are, thank you very much.But Adam has a secret, one which is going to turn J.J’s world upside-down. Adam wants to give J.J. a Christmas to remember, but as it turns out, both men’s lives are never going to be the same again…...

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  • Monique ~ Sinfully
    2019-02-01 08:16

    !..¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.» Wow... Loved this 4 STARS !..¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.»This is my first Christmas Novella this year, and also my first read from Mr Max Vos… what a fabulous festive treat it is too!!! I loved this book, it made me so happy I just sat there at the end with a huge smile on my face and tears running down my cheeks, A Christmas Memory is the perfect Christmas read and has the feel good factor written all over it! …and much like my favourite Christmas movies (it’s a Wonderful Life & White Christmas) that I watch several times every year in the run up to Christmas, as well as all the movies on the Christmas movies channel, yes, I love the festive season! …this is a book that will be read in the same vein.Jonathan Nathanial Jones is a History teacher, new to the job and still very uncomfortable in the school environment that had, in his past, always made him feel intimidated. So he goes out of his way to become invisible, even to the point of creating a persona for himself… that of a geeky History teacher, right down to the tweed jackets, bow ties and nerdy specs. Right from the start… being told from JJ’s POV, his voice pulled at my heart strings, bringing out the mother in me… I felt he was hiding his social awkwardness by making himself less approachable, maintaining the aloofness to hide his insecurities…  all of it, his way of protecting himself from the unwanted anxieties he feels in social situations, and even though he is happy to lose himself in his passion of history, and the books that feed it… he’s lonely, and comes across as a very sad character, disillusioned and sceptical… and much like his persona… his life is boring!   When we meet JJ… he is trying to avoid the unwanted attention of getting drawn into a conversation about plans for the Holiday season with his fellow teachers, because JJ is a total “Bah Humbug” and for good reason, as his past is not filled with happy memories of the joys of Christmas! So he finds it quite disconcerting that Coach Sutton, first of all rescues him from the uncomfortable “so what are you doing for Christmas” conversation, only to volunteer him to foot the ladder for the Coach whilst he decorates his own home!   Whist he is appreciative of the very fine form that is Coach Adam Stewart Sutton… the man also irritates the hell out of him with his over familiar and jovial nature, but Adam is subtly persistent, having a hidden agenda in trying to establish a friendship with JJ, and it’s not long before JJ is drawn in by Adams infectious and animated personality… and even though JJ is slightly bewildered by Adam’s confession, there is no denying his attraction to the big man.   Adam is a larger than life character, and has a huge heart to go with his huge body, he is earnest and his honesty sincere, he showed JJ just how wonderful life can be without the need to be cheesy or corny, his love for JJ, was just completely heartfelt and it was so beautiful to see him transform, along with the help of Adam’s family who immediately wrapped him in warmth and love, happy to embrace him because of what he means to Adam. It’s all unfamiliar to JJ, but with the abundance of love and affection shown towards him it’s not long before he is finally making his Christmas Memory.   If you are as addicted as me to the warm and fuzzies that Christmas brings… then this book is a must read! The epilogue at the end will have you grinning and feeling all is right with the world… with lots of happy tears. I loved this book, it’s simple in it’s delivery of the story, but that is what impacts the most, no bells or whistles just honest to goodness love… and after having some disastrous reads recently, thinking I was becoming slightly jaded, I am so thankful… and more than suitably impressed with Max Vos for restoring my faith in the m/m genre and will be delving into more of his books very soon!Pop over to the blog for your chance to win one of three copies of A Christmas Memory by Max Vos

  • Laura
    2019-01-29 13:30

    Ahh…the holidays. Bring on the shopping, candy canes, and man loving! Max Vos kicked off my holiday season with one hell of a sweet surprise.Jonathan Nathaniel Jones (JJ) finally has his dream job — History Teacher! – but still feels like he has to hide himself, his history away. From his sexuality to his family, JJ keeps it all locked away. But hiding his gorgeous swimmer’s build under a baggy-geeky look does not keep Coach away! I don’t think anything could keep Coach Adam Sutton from getting what he wants. I loved Adam! His big, manly wall of sweetness muscled right in with holiday cheer and huge, huge heart. I could see his big, bright, goofy grin from here! But will JJ let Adam in his heart?Adam and JJ’s story seduced and warmed my heart with food, family, and twinkling lights a ’plenty. There is just no way to resist Adam’s whooping Christmas joy! Every bear hug, smile, and anchovy will have you smiling from ear to ear. His enthusiasm and love jumps right off the page! Plus the big man is downright sexy.”His mouth dropped to mine, plundering, devouring, pulling from me, and sucking me into him.”This is my first Max Vos story, but it will not be my last. His words felt new and alive on the page. Perfect descriptions and words that brought these guys to life. My favorites were….(view spoiler)[ “meaty butt” and “cock-honey”. :D(hide spoiler)]A Christmas Memory was just what I needed to get me in the holiday mood. A sweet and sexy story that made my heart happy.

  • Denise H.
    2019-02-02 07:01

    Best Christmas ever!This is a excellent holiday love story with very hot sexiness !! I loved it ! This is a very special, wonderful, heartwarming Christmas story ! JJ, a high school teacher, has never had a Christmas tree, or any memory of a good holiday. He gets roped into helping the hunky coach, Adam, decorate his home for Christmas and it opens his eyes. JJ meets Adam's whole family, and gets to see the Christmas spirit first hand from the excitement shown by Adam. JJ can't help but be drawn up in the fun.This is a lovely story, with awesome characters and a smooth flowing plot. I loved it ! JJ's life had been a solitary one, with crappy parents, and no family, so he had no idea how much he'd missed out on. Adam is bigger than life and a big bear, full of love and care to give to JJ.It's tremendously heartwarming, with super, sizzling, sexiness galore !Highly recommended ! ENJOY !

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2019-02-15 11:14

    I can't brush enough to get this caramel off my teeth; gawd, this was sooo sweet. With Insta Love and holiday cheer, hot faux geek and beefy coach make their own Christmas memories. This might have been a 3 star book if it weren't for the numerous typos and grammatical issues, including multiple dangling modifiers that had me wielding my metaphorical red pen.

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-02-02 12:25

    2.5*Ok, let me explain..this story would easily have gotten 1* more just for being a totally sweet, opposites attract, syrupy sugar dose of Holiday Spirit,but there is a scene near the end that took it down a bunch. I read a few reviews of this one and no one mentioned it that I could see, so maybe it's just me being picky and difficult, so ...The main gist of the story was cute. JJ is a brand new teacher, he has a 'persona' he portraits at work, complete with the clothes, hair, glasses etc to just fly under the radar and do his job.He had a pretty miserable childhood and no family or Christmas memories to speak of.Adam 'Coach' Sutton is the opposite, he has a veryveryaffectionate family, is popular and outgoing and has set his sights on JJ.It really is pretty instant love/lust on Adam's part and JJ soon follows. I don't mind, it's a short, it's a feel good Christmas story, all things I can go with. I don't mind some of the more 'interesting' terms and phrases, I'm pretty easy going but alas, that one scene, which was probably meant to be romantic and a great show ofsomething was not for me.But, to get back to my WTF moment..(view spoiler)[ Adam tells JJ all he wants for Christmas is JJ forever, to live/love/marry him and how does JJ accept and make this happen? How, you ask? Well, I will tell you. On Christmas morning while Adam isasleephe lubes him up andwithouta condom has sex with him. Now, the sex with a sleeping guy is fine, Adam wakes up and it's not like there is any reason to believe Adam would mind, no he would be and is thrilled with that. What I have a MAJOR issue with is JJ deciding to go sans condom on his own. There was NO discussion, it wasn't brought up before! It hadn't even been mentioned in passing, also no ' I'm clean' nothing..that is NOT something one person gets to decided by him/herself no matter the reason behind it. I personally didn't find it romantic or a statement of love, I found it irresponsible, rude, moronic and a betrayal of sorts.(hide spoiler)]So, obviously it isn't something that bothered others, (but I couldn't not mention it) so ignore me.

  • Lucy
    2019-01-25 14:26

    J.J. is a brand new high school history teacher and it’s holiday time. Uh oh. J.J. doesn’t have plans so the other teachers are going to invite him over and he just doesn’t want that. When gorgeous but oblivious to his own strength Coach Sutton steps in, J.J. is safe from the females but now he’s stuck helping the man who keeps calling him Champ and smacking him on the back hard enough to make him stumble. Not much better is what J.J. is thinking. Coach drives J.J. crazy, worse because, as stated, the man is hot. Annoying and obnoxious and hot. When Coach shows a decent side, J.J. is surprised. J.J. doesn’t advertise his sexuality and goes so far as to give himself a serious make under, transforming himself into a “total geek”. Under the radar and floating along. Now he has to deal with Coach and help the man put up his Christmas decorations. Coach, who’s name happens to be Adam Stewart Sutton. Yep, ASS. That made me laugh. It is truly a Christmas story and Adam has a gift in mind. Once they start the decorating, they get to know each other and they both turn out to be so likeable. When J.J. demonstrates to Adam what those back slaps are like, yes! The sex here is hot and versatile (loved that!). I admit to rolling my eyes at the term “cock honey”. I didn’t have the problem with Adam’s secret that J.J. did. I saw it as a coincidence and didn’t blame Adam one bit. I loved the story of Adam’s coming out. There is definitely insta-love here, so either suspend belief or put it in the terms of Christmas happenings and go with a sweet, sexy holiday story (Adam’s jumping around also made me laugh!)

  • ☆ Todd
    2019-02-15 10:09

    Wow, that may have been the most insta-lovey book I've ever read, with just an edge of stalker thrown in, but not in a terrible way.The one thing that did make me a bit nervous about this one was how the 6'5" MC was always a bit too rough and forceful with the slightly smaller guy, but at least he stood up for himself, when it actually bugged him, and said cut that shit out.My favorite part of this story was the trip to the mother's house and meeting the brothers, which was not only cute, but also relatable, if you come from a close family full of loud, outspoken individuals.I did enjoy this one quite a bit, but the pacing was so fast that you definitely had to hold on with both hands or your ass was going to tumble off the apple cart.Overall, I'd give this one just under 3.5 stars.---------------------------------------------** This story is *FREE* with a Kindle Unlimited membership. **

  • Tina
    2019-01-26 11:21

    Max Vos has blogged about his creative process. He says he starts with the seed of a story, then looks for character inspiration. Next he fleshes out the characters and lets them pretty much tell him the story they want written. In this, Max gives all the credit for his great writing to the characters, while not acknowledging his own wonderful talent. This method produces a much more free-flowing, stream of consciousness style of writing. It doesn’t seem to be forced into the pre-conceived outline many authors work with. The characters’ telling of the story is Max’s way of allowing his imagination to flow directly on to the page through his fingers. It makes for a comfortable feeling while reading his work. Max doesn’t take enough credit for his talent. Regardless of whether or not he feels the characters control the story, those characters and their stories come from his brain, his heart and his gut. He is just allowing them to get to our e-readers in the most direct way possible.A Christmas Memory is no different. I literally did not want to put it down. I carried my Kindle around with me while I burnt dinner. As soon as I started reading about Adam & J.J., I felt like I had known them forever. I was comfortable with them and couldn’t wait for them to make their Christmas memories.J.J. is Jonathan Nathaniel Jones, a first year history teacher at the high school where Adam Stewart Sutton is the star football coach. They are both closeted at work. J.J. grew up essentially without parents and has no, not one, good Christmas memory. When lunch room talk turns inevitably to everyone’s Christmas plans and it comes out that J.J. doesn’t have any, Coach comes to the rescue.While J.J. thinks Coach is an extremely hot bear of a man with a Tom Selleck mustache, he also finds him to be a bit too rough and a little annoying. J.J. winds up being roped in to helping Coach decorate his house for Christmas. It is during this day that the exchange actual names instead of Coach and Champ. J.J. also shows Adam just how it feels when he slaps J.J. on the back! The house decorating leads to a tune up of J.J.’s car the next day, which leads to other things…These men are so sweet and so lovable that you want them to be happy from the first time you read about their interaction. The way they each so want to give the other a Merry Christmas and a special Christmas Memory brings to mind your own memories. Maybe the first time you had Christmas with the one you loved or the first time you had a child at Christmas. Unpleasant Christmas memories may be unearthed as well, but are quickly forgotten in the glow of Adam and J.J.’s fledgling relationship.This is a story I will pull out and re-read every Christmas season to put me in the mood for the holiday. Because what else is Christmas about if not love? Jovially recommended.

  • Macky
    2019-01-27 10:12

    Okay, I do like Max Vos stories and for the most part I actually really liked this Christmas one. Short enough to read in one go I enjoyed the sweet and extremely hot at times romance between Coach sutton and JJ ... But... (view spoiler)[ the non condom incident really coloured my view. I know you can argument that its only fiction and allow for poetic licence but as much as I'm definitely no prude, this particular issue just makes me a bit ansty. In this case it comes out of the blue with no prior discussion and no reassurance that either partner has been tested or has papers to show they're both clean and whilst it never bothers the Coach who is head over heels with JJ, it still bothered me as a reader who remembers ( without getting preachy and stating the obvious ) how it was before it was driven into us to be safe by using condoms.I have no problem with bareback scenes as long as they're written responsibly but in this case it wasn't even addressed.(hide spoiler)] . It's a shame because the rest of it I found really endearing and without it would have been more like a 4 star story for the enjoyment factor alone. Call me picky but at the end of the day it bothered me, however don't let it put you off reading it because the reviews and ratings are still high across the board and it is a great story... Just my own issues and opinions coming to the fore!

  • JustJen
    2019-02-15 09:04

    4.5 stars Review written for The Blog of Sid Love. This was a wonderful story about a guy who has been basically trying to stay under the radar while he gets his career as a history teacher going and works towards obtaining his PhD. So far, so good, until one day when football coach, Adam, helps him out of a bind over what he’s doing for the holidays.Adam is serious though and insists J.J. help him decorate his home. J.J. enjoys himself more than expected, and all of the little things that annoyed him about Adam begin to slip away.This is a really sweet tale, until things go to the next level about half way through, when the heat factor jumps right to the top.I loved Adam’s family and how Adam was able to give J.J. some of what he missed about the holidays growing up. The only areas I didn’t love were not knowing how things would turn out when the guys went back to work at the school, and the insta-love, which I don’t generally enjoy in anything I read. Even though it has been longer for Adam, these guys were really only together for a week, so that felt really rushed. But, that aside, this was a quick, easy to read, enjoyable holiday story that I would gladly recommend to those looking for a little something to put you into the holiday spirit.

  • Karl
    2019-01-21 11:13

    3.5 stars. I admit I love holiday stories. This is a sweet Christmas romance involving high school teachers, one a geeky shy history teacher and the other a big brawny football coach. Yes a little cliche but the characters were cute and likeable. The relationship between Adam, his brothers and mother is adorable. The main detractor for me (view spoiler)[ was the extremely quick development of their relationship (from not even friends and thinking Adam is straight and to marriage over the Christmas week?). It's supposed to be a Christmas miracle I guess. I get that Adam has been pining away for JJ since he saw him 2 years before but JJ had no clue who Adam was until he started the teaching job that same semester. And I wasn't sure why JJ kept having to tell the reader repeatedly that he found Adam annoying.(hide spoiler)] The writing was a bit clunky at times which hampered the flow- tending towards too much exposition and internal monologue for me. But all in all, I did like the story, and finished it in one sitting.

  • K.C. Wells
    2019-02-10 07:27

    I'm a HUGE Christmas fan. I mean it. Christmas films, songs, lights, the anticipation... Yeah, basically I'm a big kid.And I LOVE Christmas stories. You do NOT want to know how many times I've read A Christmas Carol... lol.Well, this is a beautiful little Christmas tale.My heart ached for J.J. Not to have ever discovered the joys of Christmas... And then it ached for a different reason. The man is hiding. No one sees the real J.J. No one at the high school where he teaches would ever suspect him of being gay. Er.... not quite.Enter Coach Adam Sutton, who has a Christmas wish of his own.I'm not going to spoil this. You need to read this delightful, warm story for yourself.And one last thing... I'm a sucker for a happy ending. You too? Then read on....

  • vLadimiR
    2019-02-02 10:17

    I've been reading several works from this author and what I notice is that he relishes being graphic with sex scenes like "rimming" for example.I like reading about sex just as much as the next person but this book was set during the holidays so I'm expecting a wee bit more romance than a full on romp. But hey, that's just me.The excessive use of "man" to butch things up with the interaction between MC's just felt cheesy for me, sorry to say.Still a decent read if you don't take it too seriously.

  • Bev
    2019-02-03 15:10

    I really should have learned my lesson by now and not bought another Max Vos story, however highly recommended. I adore Christmas stories, in fact I've read 3 or 4 already and it's not even December, but it's a matter of my own personal taste, other readers I know really love stories like this, and I'm perfectly sure that Max is a great guy, but certain authors and I...well, never the twain shall meet, and I'm afraid that Max and a few other authors do fall into that category.I don't like the silliness of giving jizz, spunk, cum..whatever you wish to call it, the ludicrous tags of 'man cream' and 'hot milk' which to me smacks of language you'd use in a porno flick, but the worst part for me was, as Mandy has pointed in her review, (view spoiler)[the fact that JJ thought it was OK NOT to suit Adam up when he took Adam unawares one morning...fair enough, he (JJ) knew that it was the first time for him, but what about his lover...doesn't he get any say in the matter, what about if he hadn't been tested recently, where would that have left JJ?? Practice safe's drummed into everyone, but especially the 'hot man loving' kind of people, otherwise why are numbers of HIV and others STD's rocketing?? (hide spoiler)] I was totally not cool with that part I'm afraid, and apologise for being a party pooper. 3 stars only.

  • Heller
    2019-02-06 15:09

    Cute teacher read, a coach/civics teacher and a history teacher. I liked J.J. and Adam together and the making Christmas memories was sweet. I really Adam's family a lot and his story about coming out to them was great. My rating would have been higher I think if (view spoiler)[ there hadn't been Adam's history of having seen J.J. before. I liked the idea of the coach crushing on the history teacher but being a goof for trying to get his attention without that agenda would have worked for me better.(hide spoiler)]

  • Kim Alan
    2019-02-06 09:30

    4.5 stars. Funny, hot, romantic... couldn't ask for anything more. I loved how JJ's reluctant attraction to Adam was so easily held in check by Adam's ... um ... personality. Every time JJ's secret crush threatened to reveal itself, Adam would be his over-exuberant good ol' boy self and squash it flat. *snort* Watching the boys overcome such excruciating odds made for a quirky, fun, sexy read. Highly recommended.

  • LiveYourLife BuyTheBook
    2019-01-25 07:27

    °•○★5 Stars ~ KAPOW!★○•°A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" ReviewI love the holidays and one of the things I look forward to every year is finding new holiday stories to enjoy. When I had the opportunity to read A Christmas Memory by Max Vos, I was elated.Jonathan Nathaniel Jones, or J.J. to his friends, is a first year high school history teacher. His life has not been easy – with an absent father and alcoholic mother, he has had to fend for himself. When he gets his teaching job he decides to build a persona for himself that blends in, keeps him out of the spotlight. He has seen how gay teachers can have a harder time in school and he knows the new teachers are often scrutinized their first year.All is going well until one day at lunch he is distracted, and when the Coach asks him one of the dreaded holiday questions “Do you have big plans for the holidays?”, he unconsciously says that no, he has no plans. This brings about a lot of unwanted sympathy from the teachers he works with. Luckily he is saved from this by a quick intervention from none other than the Coach himself, who offers J.J. a way out, saying that he would be spending the holidays with him and his family, even going so far as saying they were going to decorate the Coach’s house together that coming Saturday. Not knowing how to respond or get out of the situation, J.J. agrees.Coach Adam Sutton – handsome and charismatic high school coach, former NFL player, Tom Selleck look alike- is one of those guys everyone gravitates to. He is energetic, outgoing, always smiling and, according to J.J., total eye candy. This is one of those complications that J.J. has been trying to avoid with his geeky professor persona. He has had a crush on the Coach but is sure he is straight and that it would be bad for his health to act otherwise. Besides, some of Coach’s big guy, backslapping, jock ways are kind of irritating to J.J. Unable to think of a way to get out of the commitment for decorating, J.J. arrives at Coach’s house. As the coach comes around the house with a ladder, J.J. notices the coach is commando under his sweats. Groan! After a somewhat awkward beginning they put in a full day of decorating and he finds he is actually enjoying himself. They end up having a pleasant dinner together and J.J. finds himself agreeing to return the next day to work on his old car with Adam. So maybe Coach is not so bad after all?What happens next is what makes a holiday story so much fun for me. There are things these two do not know about one another. They both have secrets and I think Adam’s is the most surprising. There is a point where I, as the reader, and J.J. both had a moment of “whoa” what did he just say? But as we get to know Adam, he is wonderful and his enthusiasm and sincerity are contagious. I giggled at some of the descriptive words used during the down and dirty sex scenes (because they were so much fun) and I got teary at some of the conversations between Adam and J.J. about their lives. The scenes with Adam’s family really helped develop and endear me to Adam’s character. The romance moves fast, and although I sometimes have reservations about that, I was more than happy to go with it in this story. It is definitely one filled with holiday joy, love, hope and a beautiful Christmas memory. I highly recommend adding this to your holiday reading list.

  • Leaundra
    2019-01-28 12:10

    I thought this was the sweetest book. Adam had such a big heart and he had no problem telling J.J. how he felt. I also loved Adam's mom and his two brothers the sweetest people ;-) Haha J.J. didn't know what hit him when he got to know Adam better and met his family. A very nice read. I enjoy Max Vos' work because I also enjoyed 'My Hero' another great one ;-)

  • Dani Elle Maas
    2019-01-19 07:23

    Wow totally absolutely wow!What a great story I cannot say differently You get so totally pulled into this story , you wont be able to lay it down :)I loved it completely .I loved the M.C but also the family of Adam ( one of the mc)Author Max Vos has a way to draw you in and make you feel connected.Also the little things he will add to his stories makes you feel comfortable and warm . Like in this case the loving family of Adam with his mum and his brothers ( adored them!)The tender way that this story is written makes it so real . You can feel the characters . If it is J.J or if it is Adam it doesn't matter you just fall and you fall hard ....You want J.J to find the Christmas feeling you long for him to have that Christmas memory and who better to provide it than Adam .Do I have to mention the crazy hotness that is in this story ? because man let's face it Max Vos knows !! what he is writing about * cold showers needed for sure*Isn't there any comment on it than? Well yes it is short and there could have been more expanded. I would have liked to read how they would handle their relationship on their jobs for example ,but that doesn't take away anything of the wonderfulness of this storyI do want to mention the ending that little extra at the end it made me choke up feeling teary eyed . That end made the story even more ...So that is why I go with a 5 star ..

  • MorganSkye
    2019-02-02 14:02

    JJ is a nerd. He’s a history buff and a teacher at a high school. He’s not out and proud but he’s not really hiding his sexuality either. He kind of, sort of has a crush on the football coach – who is “obviously” straight and just wants to keep his lonely Christmases to himself.Adam, the coach in question, hears that JJ has no plans for Christmas and invites him to share the holiday with him and his big family. Reluctantly, JJ agrees.It doesn’t take long before things begin to get very interesting and suddenly JJ is wondering where things with Adam are headed.**Oh man! This is now free on Kindle Unlimited and I highly recommend it! It’s a very sweet nerd/jock, OFY story that has Max Vos’ signature messy sex involved!JJ is a sweetheart who gets bowled over by the exuberant and giant hearted football coach and his wonderful family. I loved seeing how sweet and appreciative Adam was for every thing JJ did and vice versa. They are an absolutely wonderful couple and I always re-read this when I need a pick-me-up!I highly recommend it and give it 5 of 5 stars!

  • Candice
    2019-01-28 14:13

    Read on 11-23-133.5 StarsI will start off right off the bat with this: I've read a couple of Max Vos books and I have to say I have not been pleased. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to pick up another one, but then a Chistmas book? How could I not? I am SO glad I did!While I know this is a Christmas story, I was kind of hoping to see more. (view spoiler)[What happened at school? Are they out? Any backlash? Did J.J. ever talk about his past to Adam? When did Adam first mention J.J. to his family? They seemed to know about him, so when was he discussed? Did J.J. stop wearing the "nerdy geek" persona at school? I am super greedy and always want more info than what's given, but I become so invested in the characters it's like I NEED more.(hide spoiler)]I really enjoyed this Christmas memory and the story of J.J. and Adam :)

  • Hc Lynn
    2019-01-25 10:23

    What to say what to say? It's a cute story. I do of course have a few issues with it.So here goes: The 'supposed' creep factor that Coach had seen JJ a few years back. Seeing someone and instantly being attracted but not making ANY effort beyond that doesn't strike creepy to me.Kissing between siblings. Your mama, your significant other, your sister.. but a guy kissing his brother (just a peck but still) IS a creepy factor to me.Adam sometimes seems too ... wimpy... for such a strong dominating sexual partner. That is probably most of it. It's cute, fairly fast paced, with a time jump at the end that was unexpected (by years).

  • Alina
    2019-02-15 15:18

    Awesome Christmas story!Great characters, super hot and real sweet! Loved JJ and Adam, adored Adam's family and the whole story was just perfect for me ))))I also don't see any problems with the bareback sex in books. I mean it's fiction, not a documentary and it's not like one of MCs went to some truck stop to have anonimous sex without the condoms. In the situation here I'm perfectly fine with this whole thing (which I found hot as hell xD) and I'm for one think the whole obligatory showing each other papers with the test results just ridiculous.

  • Bo
    2019-02-16 08:13

    Take you in, nurtures you, surprises you, enchants you, and gets your libido rockin' and rollin'. Two superbly drawn characters in a quandary and one joyful holiday season to sweep that quandary away. Wonderful debut book, short but sweet and spicy.

  • Kevin Orth
    2019-02-04 09:14

    Really fun. The plot and characters are simple and well drawn out. The intimate scenes are really, really steamy! This isn't a very deep or complex read but it really doesn't try to be. It is a nice story and thoroughly enjoyable.

  • Charlie Richards
    2019-02-04 14:27

    Be prepared for insta-love. Just a very cute, sweet, feel-good Christmas love story. Curl up in front of the fire w/ your favorite beverage and prepare to smile. Well done!

  • Jerry
    2019-01-30 07:00

    3.5 stars. Fast read, faster romance, cute predictable story.

  • Yineth
    2019-02-02 12:07

    my only complaint is that it was not a longer book, after all the heavy books I have been reading lately I really needed this story of love and family acceptance.

  • Lixiaolang78
    2019-02-07 13:30

    A hot and funny Christmas story! :-)

  • Dragonrouge57 - Bénédicte Girault
    2019-02-04 12:16

    J.J. a toujours détesté les vacances de Noël. Les cadeaux, les décorations, le Noël traditionnel en famille... C'est tout ce dont ses collègues peuvent parler en salle des professeurs. J.J. évite ces réunions comme la peste. Il ferait n'importe quoi pour empêcher ses collègues de voir le vrai J.J., l'homme gay qui ne veut pas se faire remarquer. Quand il laisse échapper qu'il est tout seul avec aucun plan pour Noël, les dames bien-pensantes de son école veulent l'inviter pour le jour fatidique.Oh l'enfer...Arrive l'entraîneur Adam Sutton qui vient à son secours et maintenant J.J. se retrouve piégé par cet homme imposant qui ne prendra pas 'non' pour une réponse. Et en plus, il fallait que ce soit quelqu'un que J.J. trouve attirant, n'est-ce pas ? Dommage qu'il soit hétéro et J.J. n'est pas prêt de sortir de son placard pour aller vers lui. Il aime ses bras là où ils sont, et souhaite qu'ils le restent.Mais Adam a un secret, celui qui va mettre le monde de J.J. à l'envers. Adam veut lui un cadeau de Noël dont il se souviendra, mais telles que les choses se passent, la vie des deux hommes ne sera jamais plus la même... Une excellente petite histoire sur une rencontre en période de vacances de Noël entre un professeur un peu geek sur les bords, complètement asocial et un pétulant coach, professeur de sport. La différence entre le professeur guindé et le prof de gym est aussi voyante que le nez au milieu de la figure autant dans leurs manières d'être que de vivre. Mais ce souvenir de leur premier Noël ensemble est délicieux à souhait, brûlant comme une bonne tasse de chocolat chaud au coin d'un bon feu de cheminée.Encore une excellente petite nouvelle, Max, mais décidément, il faut que tu les écrives un peu plus longue !