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Gom Marsh is all grown up, but he looks years younger than he is. A police officer, he works undercover as a high school student to help fight the extreme bullying cases that school staffs can't solve. The work is heartbreaking and wearing, but lucky for Gom, there's a new man in his life. Casey Tanner, though, doesn't like to be touched. That could be a problem. Gom's stiGom Marsh is all grown up, but he looks years younger than he is. A police officer, he works undercover as a high school student to help fight the extreme bullying cases that school staffs can't solve. The work is heartbreaking and wearing, but lucky for Gom, there's a new man in his life. Casey Tanner, though, doesn't like to be touched. That could be a problem. Gom's still at Scarcity Sanctuary to keep up his cover, so Soldier and Dillon are always there to help. Can Casey redeem himself after a bad first impression? Hopefully so, Gom needs him....

Title : For Gom's Sake
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For Gom's Sake Reviews

  • MsMiz (Tina)
    2019-02-07 08:57

    Reading all 3 Sanctuary books in one weekend might have been too much. I am emotionally drained. I am not even sure how AKM wrote them without needing therapy. For Gom's Sake was the lynch pin in my emotional demise. This book hit to the core with the subject line of bullying. I want to say it was exaggerated to make a point, but I really do not think so. There have been too many instances of bullying in the news. Gom has grown up to be a police officer and because he looks really young is working in the high schools to ferret out bullying and bad things happening in the school. He spends this book in 3 different schools with different cases of abuse and they are all breathtakingly hard to read. In the first two books we are focusing on parents and how some of them should really just die rather than raise kids. In this book, we are faced with bad parenting AND asshat teenagers. Aside from this story there is a parallel story of Gom finding his first and only love. Now this was sappy but so wonderful (I know a few people who would hunt me down if I recommended this book to them *cough Mel and KateMc cough*). On top of that, the incidents neatly wrap up and Gom just happens to find them all within a decent amount of time (sitcom CSI speed) and that is where the plausibly issues are, yet you need them as a reader because of the nature of what is going on. Now anyone who reads my review (I think there may be 2 of you out there) know I do not give out 5 stars lightly. For me the topic is relevant and really made me want to change professions and find a way to help kids in need, I have to grant this the 5 star emotional vote. In the end this book has a really great message of love, perseverance and really standing up for yourself and others.

  • CAS
    2019-02-08 13:50

    5 Solid Stars to AKM Miles for writing a very enlightening and socially relevant story centered around the issue of bullying, verbal abuse and violence so many of our youth are forced to deal with every day in an environment where they should feel safe but in truth are not. This is happening in the schools they attend, there is no freedom of choice in avoidance here, there is no out, and far too many suffer helplessly in silence feeling alone and invisible. This is an escalating problem which leads far too many of them to suicide as a means of escape when they feel they have no one left to turn to for help and have lost all hope. In writing a story that revolves around this issue the author doesn't pull any punches, doesn't sugar coat a single word. This is far too important an issue to be anything less than frankly and brutally honest when depicting these senseless acts of violence and cruelty and the often devastating results of those acts. When a teen refers to his high school as "The Gateway to Hell" and the mortal sin of suicide a preferable hell to that, the message is more than clear.With the Scarcity Series, AKM Miles has given us many physically and emotionally scarred characters dealing with life in the aftermath of violence or abuse. She has created a world in which these individuals have survived and thrive with the loving support of very strong positive influences. Always present, and beautifully illustrated is the value of each and every human life, the importance of hope and the healing powers of love and acceptance. We have taken the journey with them as they have grown from scarred troubled boys to happy and successful men, many in loving relationships, several of them working in jobs helping others like themselves to believe they are worthy of love, respect and acceptance no matter who or what they are. Yes, ultimately this IS Gom's story, and who better than Gom with his past history of abuse to share his moment in the spotlight with such an important issue, using his knowledge and past experiences to help those dealing with the very same issues he survived and overcame to become the man he is now. He has been there, He KNOWS and understands what they are dealing with. What he sees and hears is by turns disheartening, shocking and heartbreaking and he will do anything in his power to help make things better for them even as it begins to wear him down with each and every encounter with both the victims and their tormentors. Gom knows by experience the importance of knowing you are not alone, not the only one who has had to deal with being a victim. He is willing to share his past experiences as living proof that there are many others out there dealing with the same or similar issues, but most importantly that there are MANY who have gone through it and survived it and gone on to live much better lives. Gom's love story provides a most welcome and necessary balance for the reader, a moment away from the seriousness of the issues the story focuses on. Reading about the cases that Gom works is sometimes difficult and painful. Thankfully the author as always maintains that perfect balance, skillfully weaving Gom's love story throughout the main story with perfect timing when both we the reader and Gom need it most... and it is a slow, sweet, breathtakingly beautiful slide into love. Casey is everything I wished and hoped for Gom and MORE. He is so much in tune with Gom that he is almost uncannily aware of when Gom needs him most and he is always there with his unconditional love and support. As Gom and Casey get to know each other and share their pasts you will find that Casey has his own heartbreaking story to tell and in the telling and the growing bond between these two very beautiful young survivors you can see and feel the importance of never giving up hope, of having someone to share the burden, someone there for you at the end of the day to remind you that you are not alone in the darkness. The youth in our society who are dealing with this issue every single day desperately need our help finding that same balance. They all need someone or something positive in their lives to balance the negative, to give them the courage and strength necessary to hold on to the hope that it can and will get better, that what they are going through now is but one small step albeit a sometimes difficult and painful one on the long and winding road of life.Many of us will read this story for Gom's sake, ... and will most definitely come away with so much more.

  • Heather♥
    2019-01-29 07:59

    Gom has always been one of my favorite characters in this series. He was always so loving and affectionate so I was happy to see him find someone who understood his needs and cherished him. Even though love was a new experience for Casey, with the help of Gom (and Gom's wonderful family) he made great strides in opening up to people and being more comfortable with expressing his feelings. They were a very sweet couple, and thankfully their tender moments helped to balance the more intense part of the storyline dealing with bullying and teen suicide. It's no wonder Gom was so emotionally drained from his undercover assignments. He was constantly surrounded by feelings of loneliness, despair and hatred that so many of the young people were facing on a daily basis. It took a lot of strength to willingly put himself into those situations over and over in order to get justice for those poor kids, so I'm glad Gom had a loving partner and family to center him when things got overwhelming. It was very eye-opening to read about. The cases that Gom had to investigate were horrifying and often brought tears to my eyes. High school is hard enough and it breaks my heart that kids have to endure such painful behavior. We need more people in the world like Soldier, Dillon, Tommy and Gom to show kids unconditional love and understanding.

  • Lexi Ander
    2019-01-17 10:14

    I really enjoyed seeing little, sweet, Gom all grown up into such a fine young man. He is an undercover police officer who investigates cases of bullying at schools. I liked how Miles was able to draw each scenario so that the reader understands the seriousness of the issue and the impact it has. Then we flip to Gom's personal life and his romance with Casey which was super, super sweet.For someone who hasn't read the first two books, you could get by with just reading this one if you want because everything prior two is rehashed throughout this one...a lot. I don't think that the entire back story needed to be discussed and it drew a little bit of enjoyment out of the book for me.

  • Cotilla
    2019-02-12 14:10

    2,5 starsThe writing is very awkward, I had to stop numerous times and do something else before I could read again.

  • Candice
    2019-01-27 12:55

    I just love Gom :) I was so interested in Gom's work. I loved reading about it. For me, the romance in this was on the back burner because I wanted to read more about the kids he was helping.Gateway to Hell broke my heart. I am not sure if I could have cried any harder.On the romance note though, I wanted more from Casey. More of his background, what he did to get where he was now.I hear AKM Miles is writing a 2nd book about Gom and his work, so I am excited :)

  • Eva
    2019-02-14 06:11

    The book follows both Gom's growing relationship with Casey and his job as an undercover police officer dealing with the more severe cases of bullying.I liked both aspects of the book and think the author found the right balance in mixing them together. The supporting characters were nicely written as well and I couldn't help but feeling for the kids Gom was trying to help. The thought of what life must be like for Bradley and his sister was bad enough, but the thought of what Byron was going through and how alone he must have felt had me in tears. While I know this is a work of fiction, the idea that such a school might actually exist makes me sick. I find the idea of a school turning into a place where most everyone turns a blind eye at bullying disturbing to say the least. Unfortunately, bullying is a serious problem in schools around the world, so imo it is important that the issue finds it's way into books across as many genres as possible. Maybe that will help raise awareness about the issue and in a small way contribute to one day eliminate bullying.Gom's family impressed me as well. So much so that I'll be reading Soldier next.The only thing that bothered me was the way Gom's last assignment played out. While I understand that it might not always be possible for him to solve the case while being on the sidelines or putting himself in the place of the victim, it still bothered me when he played the part of a bully in order to catch the actual bullies.

  • Deeze
    2019-02-12 06:53

    So I've been waiting for what seems like forever for Gom's story and either I built it up to much in my mind or Miss Miles kinda failed to deliver.While the story line was great I felt it was poorly told. Too much was seemily thoughts repeated, and was it really necessary to have almost 50 continuous pages of sex? First we had the big first time sex, then they slept, woke up to reminis about the sex the night before then hopped in the shower to continue for a bit more, and to be honest it wasn't even very well written sex in my opinion. A lot of conversation seemed to border on repetative to me also. I would of rather read a bit more on Gom's cases. I get that it was Gom's story so the emphasis was on him and his love, but to be honest I was kinda bored with the way they were so intune with each other. A little too sickenly sweet. Maybe if she'd cut it down to just 200 to 250 pages it might of worked better. She introduced a new character (at least I dont really remember him from before), and I was longing to find out more about him but I guess she's saving that for another time. Over all I liked the idea but would of liked it more if she had developed Gom's work more, instead of having his work wrapped up so quick and neatly. Sorry I'm trying hard not to give away any spoilers. 2.5 pushed up to a 3 because I really loved this series.

  • Mountie
    2019-01-27 07:57

    I have always loved Gom, right from the beginning of this series when he curled up in Soldiers arms and slept for the first time in forever. He was a special boy then and a special man now. Casey is perfect for him and he is perfect for Casey. The story that goes along with their romance was truly interesting. Bullying hurts and to think there may be a special officer of the law out there investigating the truly horrendous cases makes me glad. I am particularly happy that AKM Miles and her publishers edited and produced a YA version of this story. I was one of the heavy girls being bullied in my school. I would have loved to have had a story like this to read when I was a teen.

  • Annie Bailey
    2019-02-07 06:08

    OMG, what an awesome read! I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. the storyline of bullying hit really close to home. It was told so well and I loved to read the romance unfold between Casey & Gom. AKM Miles did a wonderful job telling of bullying, love, romance & family. Definitely a 5-star read!

  • Gavin Stephenson-Jackman
    2019-02-05 10:10

    A great read. An emotionally difficult read at times. It is terrifying that there is so much hateful bullying still going on, and so many times under our very noses. I wish there was more we, as adults, could do to support the victims and prevent this occurring in our schools and in society.

  • Alli
    2019-02-13 08:04

    Beautifully written and an interesting look into the whole under culture of bullying and the effect it has on everyone, not just victims or perpetrators.

  • ѦѺ™
    2019-02-08 13:51

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  • Ali
    2019-02-05 09:58

    I wish I hadn't read this. Gom was IMHO the saving grace of Soldier, but he didn't shine in this book like he did when he was a kid. Though part of the problem might be that he still acts like a kid, maybe a teenager, even when he's an adult. Then there's Casey, who was intriguing as a character, but the teaser totes him as a man who doesn't want to be touched. Yet it seems Gom is the insta-cure for this too. Do not get me wrong, the message behind the story is anti-bullying - no arguing that this is a message with merit, but the reader is banged over the head with Gom being the great hero cop who feels so much for the kids etc etc etc, that it kind of takes away from the message's overall impact. And realistically, I don't think Gom would be able to get away with a lot of stuff he does in school, undercover or not. Bullies/criminals or not, the author is talking about minors and Gom is an adult. There is a whole different set of rules. This book doesn't seem to follow any of them, (and not in a good way...)

  • Brenda (b)
    2019-01-17 07:05

    07/22/2011 update at 47.0%: "I love the descriptions of the family dinners at the Scarcity Sanctuary. Makes me wish I was there too."Gom was such a sweet little guy inSoldierand then inTommy's Storyhe suffered a tragic attack. It was terrific to see him grown up and moving forward with his life. Casey was exactly what he needed to complete him.

  • SueM
    2019-01-26 12:00

    4.5 stars. A sweet love story, made even sweeter when set amidst a background of abuse, torture, bullying and suicide. Despite all the bleak happenings, both past and present, there is hope for a better and brighter future because one person, with loving support around them, really can make a difference. A good story that would be even better if not marred by a few inconsistencies - such as changing the height of the major character or repeating a paragraph almost word-for-word a chapter or two apart.

  • Crissy Smith
    2019-01-31 11:59

    I am so in love with this series. I wish I had found it sooner. Each book has been great. The first started off with such a wonderful storyline that has been carried through all of the stories. I like Gom from the time he was eight and was happy to see him grown up and finding love himself. Truly remarkable writing. It's so great to see how throughly the author plotted out every detail. You aren't left wondering about holes in the plot which is unusual in ebooks.In just two days time I've read three books and am already starting number four. Bravo! Well done!

  • Tj
    2019-01-20 08:07

    I really enjoyed seeing Gom all grown up. Bullying is a problem that is becoming a big issue. It has existed for a long time and I'm glad finally to see more and more people concerned with it. Gom's job deals with this overwhelming problem. He sees stuff that is had to get past and believe the world is still good. With Gom's past it is amazing he can be such a caring man. Gom's Casey is also a wounded soul. The two together are sweet.

  • Kristy Maitz
    2019-02-04 12:11

    I don't know what happened but at first everything was okay, plot was interesting, characters also polled me in but then I just lost interest in book. I think there where to many of those undercover cases in different schools. Also Casey who get together with Gom is at starting point very cool but then when you get to know him better he start to be uninteresting. I got bored reading that book.

  • pbj
    2019-01-20 08:08

    Not as good as the first two, but still lovely and heartfelt. Serious subject matter is difficult to weave into genre romance and it felt a bit more forced in this book than in the others.I did like that the angst of this book came from external stresses and not a 'misunderstanding'.

  • Eyre
    2019-02-03 14:11

    I've waited a long time for Gom's story, and I have to say that AKM Miles did not disappoint me. I love the men of Scarcity Sanctuary, and Gom grew into a wonderful young man. I had a few niggles, but all in all, it was an enjoyable read.

  • Kallunnah
    2019-02-13 14:06

    Painful earnestness, that was my experience with this book. There is no guile in the way this book is written and it got quickly tiresome. The author is good at creating troubled characters, but I wanted a bit less predictability out of them.

  • Kiki
    2019-02-10 08:11

    This is the same as For Gom's Sake (slightly edited to remove the sex, it seems), although there is nothing in the writeup to actually tell you that. I thought it was a continuation ... you can be sure I'll think quite hard about buying any future books!

  • Jane (PS)
    2019-01-28 06:55

    2.5 starsI would have preferred much more focus on the bullying storyline and it's related impacts and after-effects and less of the extended love scenes. Perhaps I should have purchased the YA version? But given I left that age group a couple of decades ago, it didn't really cross my mind!

  • Jess Candela
    2019-01-30 09:52

    Loved it, but felt like it ended just a little too soon. After the ugliness, I needed a little more happy family time as a palate-cleanser.

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-02-15 05:58


  • Karlijn
    2019-01-24 08:03

    Find my review of this serie with the laat book.

  • ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)
    2019-02-11 07:12

    I loved this. I wasn't sure what to expect out of Gom's story. Even so, I waited patiently and stayed up until midnight on the day this book was released.Yup, I did and it was totally worth it.

  • Cherie Noel
    2019-02-02 12:15

    Omgosh!! Just when I didn't think it could get any better!!

  • Shelley
    2019-02-12 08:54

    3.75 stars